Board and Train Instructions

JNDTC Board and Train & Reservation Instructions


For the comfort, care, safety and health of your dog(s) please follow all instructions below. All fees are required to be paid in full on or before the first day of service. Unused fees remain on file as credit toward future service.

New Board & Train Clients ~ Required Forms and Documents:

1.) Complete online reservation form at Only our receipt of this form confirms your reservation.
2.) Complete a Board and Train Agreement. Available on-line at
3.) We require a current copy of your dog(s) vaccination records and current NONE SEEN/NEGATIVE fecal results including ELISA for Giardiasis performed within 30 days prior to stay.

Existing Board & Train Clients ~ Required Forms and Documents:

1.) Complete online reservation form at Only our receipt of this form confirms your reservation.
2.) Call Jessica at 619-379-5330 to verify that your dog(s) vaccinations and fecals are on-file with us and current.

 All forms and documents must be completed and submitted at least
3 days prior to your dog(s) stay with us.

Please email  or fax completed forms & required documents including vet records with negative fecal results to Jessica at:

Food: For dogs staying up to 14 days:

1. Bag your dog's food in individual ziplock baggies for each meal period.
2. If your dog takes supplements, place in baggie for each applicable meal period.
3. Label each baggie with your dog’s name.
4. Dogs staying longer than 2 weeks; send food in an airtight dog food container with your dog's name marked on the outside of the container. Supplements can be sent in a separate container.

NOTE: We only need enough food to feed your dog for the time he/she is staying with us but please add an extra days’ worth in the event of an over-stay. No food or treats will be returned so please only send your dog's food and supplements according to these instructions. 

Medication: In order for us to administer medication it must be in its original container/ packaging, must have a future expiration date and be clearly marked with instructions. 

Personal Items: Please do NOT send any blankets, toys, chews, beds or training equipment. We will supply all of these items. Please do NOT send your leash or training collar with your dog. We will hand these back to you at check-in.

Your dog must have on a sturdy nylon collar with ID and San Diego County License tags attached. If your dog is shy or fearful, please make sure the collar fits snugly and that you have indicated this behavior issue on your Board & Train Agreement. We encourage you to micro-chip your dog prior to his/her stay with us. If any of these instructions change before your reservation date, please contact us immediately. Do not send your dog if she is in heat, or if he/she is injured or ill.

JNDTC Post Board and Train Instructions and Information


During your dog’s stay with us we have made every possible effort to ensure his or her safety, comfort and enjoyment. It is however important to remember that for the duration of your dog’s stay he or she has been in the company of other dogs playing, eating, sleeping and enjoying themselves in a very active and social environment.  Your dog has also been away from you, your family and a familiar home environment.

For many dogs, this transition is easy and they adapt very quickly to our home and family. These dogs also transition back to your home environment quickly and with few if any issues. There are of course many dogs where these transitions are more stressful and take a little more time to adjust. Please be aware that your dog might experience some of the following:

1.      Loose stools
2.      Lethargy/excessive sleeping
3.      Upset stomach/mild vomiting
4.      Hot spots
5.      Depression
6.      Anxiety

While we make every effort to ease any stress that your dog may experience, it is not uncommon that they only begin to display some of the symptoms listed above only after they return home. It will of course be your first instinct to run your dog to the vet and we certainly would suggest you do what you feel most comfortable doing. In most cases your dog will settle in back home within a day or two. It is rare that any symptoms of stress last beyond 48 hours.

Tips for Homecoming:

1.      Make sure you have food on hand for when your dog returns home Please do not feed your dog anything other than the food you supplied to us and that we fed your dog during her/his stay.
2.      Keep snacks/treats out of the picture for the first 48 hours.
3.      It is best to go right back to routines you maintained with your dog prior to his or her stay with us.
4.      Your dog has been very active outdoors so consider that more outdoor time is needed if your dog seems anxious or bored.

Health Checks: Another aspect of being in a cage-free, highly social environment is that you dog has played, played and then played some more with other dogs. Dogs can play rough with one another and they play with their mouths. Teeth, especially puppy teeth, are very sharp and on occasion nicks, cuts and scratches do occur. While we monitor the play and pack dynamics of the dogs in our care, dogs maintain a pack mentality. Not only is this what natured intended it is mentally and physically very healthy for dogs to be a part of.

We always check dogs before they go home for nicks, scratches and soreness. It does happen that we miss minor issues. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Training: If your dog was in for Board and Train, please give us a call to schedule the follow-up sessions. It is best to wait about a week to allow enough time for your dog to get used to being home.

Need Help Fast?

We offer full customer care and support. Please contact us if you need assistance: 877-447-8597. John can be quickly reached at 858-395-0050.